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MARCO : Museo de Arte Contemporanea de Vigo, Spain

Annual leave… a time to relax and re-charge your batteries, to remove oneself from the daily grind of life, work and study… or is it?

It was not, much to the annoyance of my children who found themselves visiting an art museum whilst on our recent holiday.  This was my first holiday abroad since I started the course and found myself searching for a bit of culture to escape the Spanish heat and architecture.

I found myself at MARCO, a lovely space for an art exhibition which was free to enter. Inside architecturally elegant with high ceilings, sweeping curves of the interiors, white walls and wooden flooring.  Whether it was the time of year or time of day that I visited but there was only a handful of us rattling around inside this magnificent space.  I wondered why there were not more people in there.

In the center of the ground floor of this two-story space was a circular seating area, where you could sit and quietly contemplate, and it was from this central space from which you could access each of the exhibition rooms.  The ground floor was taken up by artist Anxel Huete, a painter.

“The exhibition follows an itinerary of moments and places which characterise his five decades of pictorial production, in which Huete’s work moves towards a progressive synthesization of the pictorial image in monochrome works, in reticular distributions, and also in his determined decision to reduce the analysis of painting to the symbolic position of the sign.”  (MARCO: 2017)

I found the large-scale works of art interesting to look at both from a colour perspective but also textually and was intrigued at how much space had been dedicated to showing Huete’s work.  The artist is obviously considered significant for MARCO to provide this large space, was my initial reaction as I thought back to the course notes on context and when is art considered art…

I was allowed to take photos so I have included, below, some of the artwork and the space in which it was exhibited.


On the first floor, and in contrast to Huete’s grand exhibition of paintings, was a series of interactive art installations which were fun…  And yes I did get interactive with them.

I also have photos of my family getting interactive with them too!  Importantly what started out being a ‘boring’ museum trip for them hopefully ended up being a happy memory that they will look back on and cherish with a smile.


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