Assignment one – ‘Two sides of the story’ -The middle

Course:  Context and Narrative

Assignment one – ‘Two sides of the story’ – The middle (following ‘The beginning‘)


“Create at least two sets of photographs telling different versions of the same story.
Choose a theme and aim for 5-7 images for each set.  …ensure the images are candid and ‘taken from real life’.
Include an introduction of 300 words outlining what you set out to do and how you went about it.”

The images I have submitted for this brief were influenced by the photojournalism section and, in particular, the Inside/Out viewpoint.

I have been interested in the insider aspect of photography for a while and have thought about what circumstances would enable someone to become an insider.

My starting point was to think of a situation where in everyday life I was, in general, an outsider and then see if it was possible to become an insider and compare the two viewpoints.  These two different viewpoints would form my two-image set, of which I needed 5 to 7 ‘sets’ to complete the assignment.

We have a large bay window in the front of my house which I, and my dog, spend a fair bit of time staring out of and as I sat there one day I saw a number of people walk past and look in and it was then that I knew the idea I wanted to pursue.  

I had the viewpoint of occupier looking out in to the street and they had the viewpoint of general public looking in.   So I started by photographing, using the same framing, my front room window from the inside out and then from the outside in.

Great, I thought, that’s one set in the bag.  Then I realised I needed another at least 4 sets to complete my assignment.  This is where what should have been a simple assignment turned from producing a set of inside/outside photographs to a social experiment of meeting neighbours and persuading them to give me access to their inner sanctum to photograph their windows.  This was the toughest part of the assignment, apart from being a weird thing to ask I felt I was asking myself into their private space.  

I was very relived and thankful when I was given access.

And here are my results:

I interpreted the part of the brief which stated ‘taken from real life’ to mean not to digitally manipulate images as we did in Project 5 i.e. using Photoshop or equivalent.

That concludes my official Assignment submission (‘The middle’) please now move on to the next part of the blog ‘The end‘.


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