Assignment one – ‘Two sides of the story’ -The beginning

Course:  Context and Narrative

Assignment one – ‘Two sides of the story’ – The beginning

Here I am again.  Another diagnostic assignment.  At the start of another course.  Which I’ll probably spend far too much time a) thinking about the creative possibilities for, b) cogitating on the depth and breadth of content, c) pondering on the scope of the required/recommended reading and d) the extent to which analysis across texts would be required, well, I was right….

My mind has been in overdrive since I opened up the course materials and was instructed “Before you go any further, read the introduction to each part of the course to give yourself an idea of the course content.”

I learnt from EYV that each Assignment should be informed by the content of the part of the course it follows, as a result I skim read the whole of part one and the Assignment one brief before I started the first part of the course so I knew what I was aiming for.

Further on in the course notes I noted that a diary would need to be kept to inform another exercise so I decided I would do this from the start and with it I would also keep a ‘list of potential ideas’.  I have light bulb moments when I am least expecting, or prepared, for them so I now keep a notebook with me all the time, this means I can quickly jot down the idea when it comes to me.   Ideas in my experience can disappear as quickly as they appear with little chance to acknowledge and remember them, so the only option is to commit them to pen and paper as soon as possible.

The ideas I have obtained this way are far too many to actually execute but there are some which given time and opportunity they are ‘must dos’ on my photography bucket list.  Hopefully I will be able to bring some of them to life during my photography degree coursework.

Why is all this so important?  Well, I had been pondering Assignment one for some time and had by now 4 different ideas in my notebook for this particular brief.  I had ruled all of them out due to either difficulty of execution, unavailability of resources or having an idea which wouldn’t stretch to 5-7 sets easily, so those were discarded for this assignment (they are still in my ideas list though!).  As I was starting to panic the idea which I have used for this assignment came to me, however, not without its issues but out of all the ideas, this was the most suitable and attainable for the brief.

Of course the added challenge was that it also had to be informed by the teachings from part one…

Format of my Blog response:

Before I start with my ‘Blog’ response on Assignment one I wanted to explain its content structure.  I think the Learning Log is meant to capture more than the official Assignment response to the tutor, or at least this appears to be the general working assumption, so text from my official response has been highlighted in bold to enable you (the reader) to distinguish between what is just ‘chat’ i.e. my thoughts, and what has been ‘submitted’.  This will help contextualize my tutor’s response/critique and any rework that is requested.

As with EYV I have split my blog posts up into a number of sections;

  • The beginning – (this post) my initial thoughts on the brief and any relevant background information;
  • The middle –  my response to the Assignment brief including written submission, my images and technique adopted;
  • The end – reflection on the brief, including a self-assessment of the assessment criteria; and
  • Tutors Feedback – tutor’s response to my submission and my comments in response to the feedback given.

Please now move forward to the next blog ‘The middle‘ which contains my Assignment response.


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